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1380 Sq Ft Single Floor 3 Bedroom Small House Plan

Today we are presenting you a new single floor Small house plan which having plinth area below 1400 sq.ft. As it having only a plinth area about 1380 sq.ft this flat roof house design will occupy only about 3.1 cents of land. So this home plan can be best suitable even in 5 cents. Small house plans recommend atleast 6 cents of land for best appearance and comfort. 

Small house plans of 1400 sq.ft
1380 sq.ft single floor small house plan
This beautiful house plan is designed to construct at a very low cost. Yes we mean it is a no nonsense architectural design. This building design is a mix of traditional and modern contemporary design trends. 

1400 sq.ft small house plans
1400 sq.ft small house plan

Direct lighting to the living space is the most evident attraction in this small house plan. Actually Small House Plans .IN are very proud to produce this simple and elegant home plan. We are sure this plan will make the dream of many to come true. 

1400 sq.ft single floor SMALL house plan
SMALL House Plans

Details of this single floor Small house plan

Total plinth area  = 1390 sq.ft

Number of bedrooms = 3
Number of bathrooms =3

Estimated construction cost is approx 19 lakhs INR

Download this beautiful plan at lowest rate online @ around Rs.1/sq.ft

Ready to blueprint - Download complete plan drawings instantly

Download link below

small house plan detailsmall house plan details

small house plan 3d view

Download this beautiful Small house plan for FREE


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